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Voinko maksaa laitteen ranskalaiselta pankkitililtä?

Good evening, 


I would like to order an Iphone 12 pro Max 512GB and when paying there is a page that shows bank accounts. 

However, I have a French bank account. 


Is it possible to pay with it, and if so, how will I pay with this French Account? 


I hope to receive an answer as soon as possible and please accept, Madam, Mr., sincere greetings. 


Edit katjane: siirretty toiseen aihealueeseen, muokattu otsikko ja poistettu allekirjoitus



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Instant payment using online banking, verkkomaksu, works only with the banks listed. Thus, it is not possible to use instant payment with a foreign bank account.


Does the shop offer any other payment methods, for example a credit card? Also, if you could get a regular invoice, then you could pay it easily using any European bank.