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24mb line . would like to convert to 100mb

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Maybe I will be moving to a different house in the next 6 months
I've already checked the line there and the max is 24mb Internet speed

At the moment I have 100mb at the apartment I am now and I used koti TV. and various other online machines
Phones.ipads. etc .we have 2 kids in our family and they use Internet all the time
I also use Internet on my computer

So 100mb is what we need

Postcode 02330

Is it possible to get a quote on converting a 24mb line to a 100mb line
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If the maximum speed to get to your new place is 24 Mbps, it means that the property only gets an old-fashioned telephone line and adsl connections, whereas 100 Mbit connections would require a fiber connection and ethernet/vdsl network in the building.


Are you moving to an apartment building or your own house?


- If it's an apartment building, you can ask from the property manager if the housing cooperative would like to upgrade to a fiber-to-the-building solution from Sonera.


- If it's your own house, you can call Sonera's customer service to make a line construction fee inquiry to see if fiber connections are available at your area, and to get a cost estimate for the change.