Sony Z1 Compact "shatter proof glass"

My Sony Z1 Compact glass just broke, while outside ( -1C ), right in the center (shatter proof, what the hell??).

So long story short - where and how can i take it for repair (it was ordered online by a family member of mine)?


Thanks :cattongue:

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.. and since i haven't dropped it, squeezed it funny or otherwise abused it, i would assume the factory guarantee is still good, right? they do have a method to see the logs or whatever, like what has happened and everything, right? i don't know, but i do know that the glass shouldn't break just out of a blue like that..



thanks again.

.. oh and, did i forget to mention - half the screen ain't working either, so it's not like just a tiny cosmetical issue, it's messed up.

When you bought it? And did you buy it from Sonera webstore? I think you should have your guarantee papers somewhere, check when you bought your phone and how long guarantee you have, then take your phone to the nearest Sonera store, take guarantee papers with you and show those to Sonera salesman and explain what happened.

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In addition to @Windstapper 's   answer, Sonera store can send your phone to service company, which makes the decision wether the device will be repaired or not, based on manufacturers instructions.

Allright.. something i just remembered - yesterday i kept the phone in my backpocket, something i normally never do,... couple times in and out of the car, 87kg, loose in the pocket..


Do you think the guarantee still applies, or are phones these days really Meant to be that weak?

Well, it is possible that the warranty does not apply.

Service company checks the device and makes the decision when they've done it.

So we cannot tell whether it will be repaired or not. :)



Sorry for a little late answering but by Googling the subject I found exactly same kind of case than yours from here, in Finland. The case is 4 months old. A phone with shattered screen was sent into service and same problem with the screen that you had. The manufacturers answer was that they will not pay any sort of compensation due to harsh usage. The evaluation was based on the "fact" that gorilla 3 will not brake because of weather nor normal usage.


So based on that conversation I would quite certainly claim that you'll get the bill.

Too bad, didn't realize keeping a phone in a backpocket for couple hours would be considered as a "harsh usage".


You can see videos of this so-called Gorilla 3 glass bein pounded with a hammer, used AS a hammer, and nothing happens, and then.. keepin the phone in a pocket suddenly breaks it, right in the middle, rendering half the screen useless... yea, sure, harsh usage.

As said before, only way to find out is to take the phone to service. :)

Well, we'll see. Thanks everyone for your replies and your time and have a happy christmas! :cathappy:❤