Cancelling 4G service due to poor performance

  • 8 February 2015
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Hi! I have a question concerning the 4G service (with home modem) so I am hoping some Sonera staff will see this and reply.


Basically until some months ago I was using the Sonera 4G broadband at home and while it wasn't great, it was still kinda acceptable from a performance standpoint. I wasn't happy at all though that the guy in the Sonera shop sold me the service saying that it was "like normal broadband".


Then I moved address and took the 4G with me, and I was happy for this flexibility as I didn't have to do anything new to have Internet ready at the new address.


However performance was horrible: problems with the signal (4G dropping to 3G or 2G often) with some disconnections, and unstable latency often ridiculous, even with simple things like Google. Watching videos was often a problem. I work with Internet all the time so I thought as a next step to change the 4G with a cable broadband still with Sonera, but Sonera doesn't have this service available in my area.


I found though that another operator did, so I decided to try their home broadband service and it was totally different: very fast and with a great latency, great for video, meetings etc. So in the end I continued to use this service while still paying for the Sonera 4G.


So the question is: as the contract with the Sonera 4G isn't expired yet, is it anyway possible to cancel the service since I am not using it due to performance reasons? If yes, what should I do / what number should I call (possibly in English)?



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Hi @hatuko and welcome to Klaani! :)


You should indeed contact to our customer care so we can take a closer look about this.


@olkitu gave you a link with contact numbers. You can also contact via Omat Sivut or Facebook and twitter. :)



Also it is possible to check if there will be some improvements to the network. You should also try, if it works to set the device to use only 4g.



Thank you both, I will contact support with the english numbers. Sometimes it's difficult to find basic information as I can't read finnish :-/