High Packet Loss on Telia IP when connecting to foreign host

  • 29 March 2022
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Hello everyone,


I have a Telia "Yhteys mukaan keskittäjälle 100 M" (which as far as I understood a limitless surfing option with max 100mbit/s) sim card and use this in my tp-link Archer MR600 v2 router for home office purpose.

I realized today, that as soon as I connect to a foreign host, I have a high packet loss on two Telia IPs on the way: -> Telia Finland -> Telia Sweden

(My system is connected via ethernet cable to the router)

I've collected data with the tool "mtr" and the output is attached to the post.

Does anyone know, why those IPs could be showing such a high packet loss?

If I trace a connection to a finnish host (e.g. www.telia.fi), no such hops with high packet loss show up...

Any help or input is appreciated!


Best regards



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Busy routers have often better things to do than responding to ping and traceroute queries. As long as you have negligible packet loss end to end, everything is functioning just fine.


Just like in your example. You have a couple of routers that don't have time to process traceroute queries, but then suddenly after those you got 0.0 % packet loss.


Should hops four and five be malfunctioning, you would have packet loss to everything beyond them. In other words, twelve99, level3 and ch-meta would also show packet loss.

Hei, thanks for your answer. So there is nothing to worry about those hops then.

The reason I started tracing etc. is that I realized having a huge delay on responses from a website being hosted in Switzerland compared to someone checking from Switzerland (about 300ms vs 7000ms on certain requests). Of course it is normal to have a bigger delay, but that is in my opinion just a bit too much of a difference.

I guess I just have to check my local settings (router etc) again...