Poor speeds to servers outside Finland

  • 22 February 2015
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First of all, my apoligies for do not write this post in English, but my english skills are very poor. 


I am a customer of Sonera 4G broadband (50/10) and I have notice something pretty curious. When I take a speedtest and I choose a server inside Finland the speed is quite high and almost the agreed one.




However, if I take a test to an outside of Finland server ... 



The connection coverts into crap...


I totally understand about overload at sometimes and so... and I would understand some decrease in the speed as in the tests from inside finland. However I think this is too much and has nothing to with the fact it is a wireless connection and it could get overload in the node antenna sometimes.


In my understanding this is general poor connection from the whole Sonera to Internet.

If I pay 50/10... I want that.

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Thank you very much for your question.


The reason for the situation might be the distance to servers outside Finland. If the distance to speedtest servers are long the results of speedtests are not the same compared to servers closer to the address one is using the connection.

Tallinn does not look too distand for me ... it is not clear problem of distance, it is a problem That arises when I go  out of the Sonera network and  this link is overloaded. 




As you see at this moment the speed is much better even with servers outside finland.