problem of modem wireless thomson TG789

  • 11 December 2014
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wireless is out many times. i call customer services, anyone gave me link to update modem's firmware but don't know how to update it. who can solve this problem to me? Thank you so much

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The firmware of Sonera's Thomson TG789vm -modem can't be updated by the user. The firmware is updated by Sonera every once in a while and therefore it's easy for the user.

The WLAN problem. Here's few things worth trying on TG789vn WLAN-settings:

- Switch off Power Reduction Enabled.
- Change SSID from Sonera-B8-65-C4-34 -type of name to something shorter like sonera34.
- Change the WLAN-channel manually. Try few different ones to see which works best.
- Change the encryption from WPA+WPA2 to WPA or WPA2.

I hope these tips help.