Problem with Iphone help plz

  • 11 December 2014
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Dear moderatorz
When I was last time in Finland my friend presenе me his iphone.
But it does not work in my country ( Belarus) It is Locked on Sonera operator.

IMAI 012851004427771

What I must to do to use iphone in my counry.

3 kommenttia

Hi vadimberg!

iPhone is SIM-locked for the fixed-term contract period (12 or 24 months) and will only work with Sonera and Tele Finland SIM-cards. After the contract ends, SIM-lock will be automatically removed and you just have to put another operators SIM-card in and activate it in iTunes.
Thank you for so quick response
One more quastion!
I cant contact with my friend.
Could you tell me when does my friends contract finish?
Hi vadimberg,

We will only share information about the contract with the owner.

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