sonera pre paid changing to monthly contract

  • 11 December 2014
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I have a pre pay sim card I would like to change to a monthly contract

I tried online e but it says I need a 16 digit number from the back of the sim card
I have cut the sim to fit in an iPhone so the numbers gone

I've got the puk code if that helps

Can sonera change it for me to a mknthly

5 kommenttia

Hi forsh,

You do need SIM cards number for making an order online.

You could get a new SIM from Sonera Kauppa,
After that, you'll find the number serie, and you'll have a card with right size without cutting it. :)

Other option is to call our customer service 020017000 and make an order there. :)
The thing is I want to keep the prepay phone number
I would like to add it to my account I've allready got

You'll be able to keep that same number, if you get a new SIM card from Sonera Store,
you dont need to get a new number if you only replace your card. You'll need to have an ID with you.

It is possible also make an order from Easy Prepaid to Monthly pay subscription there at the Store also, while changing your SIM to new one.
Great news.thanks very much

Have a nice day :)
Thank you forsh,

Nice day to you too! :)