My email client displays an "SMTP server connection error" when trying to send an email

  • 8 September 2023
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my email client displays an "SMTP server connection error" when i’m trying to send an email. it shows error


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What smtp server are you using?

smtp.inet.fi moved over from Telia to Fjordmail Technologies AS, which changed their name to Inbox.com AS. The new service requires a subscription from Inbox.com AS. Unfortunately documentation is only available in Finnish at https://www.inet.fi/.

smtp.tele.fi is the general purpose outgoing mail server for Telia internet connections.

However, due to contemporary spam filtering technologies, it is no longer recommended to use smtp.tele.fi. While using smtp.tele.fi from Telia internet connections used to be a common practice in the 1990’s, it is no longer ok in the 2020’s.

Please use the mail server instructed by the organisation providing your email address. For example, should you have a Google-address, please use Google’s smtp server.

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Thank you so much for your answer.

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