Need help to connect my new modem

  • 7 February 2022
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Hello i need help to connection internet at my home With new cable modem , just i was try to connect but i am unable. Someone help me  . 



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Did you buy your modem from Telia?


If yes, then Telia should already know your cable modem's MAC address.

If not, you will have to look for CM MAC address on your cable modem's label and inform Telia about it.


When connecting the coaxial cable, make sure you use correct connector on the antenna outlet. Cable modems have to be connected to either TV or DATA connector. Sometimes the faceplate may have incorrect lables. If your's have TV, SAT and RADIO, use the SAT one.


Cable modems will not work when plugged into a RADIO socket.

Yes i was buy with telia , i tried to connect TV port on the wall.

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@Ramapandey  kirjoitti:

Yes i was buy with telia , i tried to connect TV port on the wall.

Hello @Ramapandey and welcome to Telia Yhteisö! @irritus already asked the most important questions but could you tell us the make and model of the modem? Alternatively, you can post a photo of the modem and how it's connected at the moment.