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  • 21 December 2015
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Hello Sonera,


I am using a DSL-N66U router, which is a ADSL router. I have problems with this router because it has problems connecting to internet. Shortly, the ADSL modem inside this router is able to connect to the internet but the WAN part of it is not able to get the IP from the ADSL modem (because most of the time the router was disconnected not correctly due to a crash). Basically WAN part of this router is not able to renew the IP lease becaue by default its (WAN?) firewall blocks port 68 which is needed to renew the IP.


The official firmware of this Asus DSL-N66U router is some version of DD-WRT. It is known that DD-WRT (and also other routers) have a WAN renew IP issue when the ISP is using UDP port 68 for broadcasting.

Here is more info about this: svn.dd-wrt.com/ticket/973


The only way which I found to re-connect my router to internet is to manually change the MAC address of the router which forces to release a new IP.


Therefore my question is the following. Please, could you confirm that Sonera is using for ISP services the to broadcast to port UDP 68 (see: svn.dd-wrt.com/ticket/973 )


I need to know this in order to be ablet submit a bug report to the manufacturer of my router DSL-N66U which is ASUS, such that it can be fixed!





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Yes, sonera is using UDP 68 port to broadcast isp services