Motorola vip 1003 remote control

  • 11 December 2014
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im having a lot of problems with my remote control on my Motorola vip 1003 box

i got a replacment sent from sonera about 6 months ago,but this is also having the same problems

can i get a replacment

or is there a new type of digi box ,i was looking there was a recording box

6 kommenttia

Hi forsh!

We also have set-top box with hard drive for Sonera Viihde. With that you can record also pay-tv channels and your recorded programs will stay on the box as long as you want :) That costs 99 eur.
Would you like to order that or do we just sen you a new remote control to your old box?
i will have a thing about the box over this week and give you a answer by next week

but in the mean time can you send me a new remote control if possible
forsh: Sure thing! You will get the package in a few days by Post.
Have a nice day :)
Is it possible to check if the remote control was sent..I got the email saying about the agrement .but not got the remote yet

Thank in advance
Hi forsh,

Remote has been sent and it's waiting for pickup at your nearest postal office. I will send you the shipment id so you can go and get your remote.
Best customer service in finland

Marko I thank you very much