Why am I getting this error?

  • 11 December 2014
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Hello. I posted last week on this forum, and I got a response on how to change the bill from paper form to electronic. I created the account and everything, and when I got to "Omat Sivut" and I tried to change the billing method from "Paper invoice" to "Electronic", and after I write my e-mails where I want my bills to be sent to and my phone number, I get this error " Liittymää ei löydy.". Can you please tell me what should I do in this case?

Also, I was checking my previous bills I have paid, and for the last bill it still says that it is unpaid even though I have already paid it. Why is it so?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

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Hi Ilir!

If You log in with Sonera Tunnus, it should succeed. If You want that we'll change the billing type for You, please correct Your customer number informations in Your profile account. You might have extra "space" there because we see only couple first numbers.

What comes to payments, they update after couple working days. Sometimes it might take longer.
Hello. I'm unable to change the customer number in my Ovat Sivut page*. It says that I can only change the phone number and e-mail address. If you can do that change for me (send me electronic bills instead of paper ones) please do that for me .I would really appreciate it. If you need my customer number one more time or something else, I can send it to you here or in a private e-mail . Thank you.
Hi Ilir!

Could you contact our customer services. We would need your customer id and email address, where you would want your invoices. Could you contact us through phoneservices or send us private message, through facebook.