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  • 11 January 2023
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Imaging having a problem with your internet subscription and after contacting the customer service online, they give you a number where you can call and ask for answers and "call listening service" you call that number and after explaining your problem in brief, from A to Z. That immature, naive, rude customer service be like "I don't have any explanation and I have to end this conversation" and he hangs up the phone. Without even letting me to ask then whom I should contact or at least if he'd have said I can see what I can do and get back to you or here another number where you can find a solution to your problem. I find it very unusual and hard to believe such customer service exist in 2023! I hope my phone call is being recorded so they'd review our conversation and his unprofessional answers, and as a 40 year old individual I am sure I did not cuss nor insult anyone or disrespected him in anyways. I simply explained my problem was looking forward to hear some answers and explanation.

I think hiring process at Telia customer service be like : "Job seeker, Hi, I'd like to work in customer service" and Telia be like : "Hi, you are hired, please start your job tomorrow at 8.00AM"

Thinking to find a better carrier. Can anyone suggest me a more professional internet provider company.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Teliacustomer and welcome to Telia Yhteisö! I’m so sorry to hear about Your experience. Our services should never be rude or inappropriate. Could You tell that what number You were told to call? And what was Your issue at the first place? We would love to hear what you were in touch with. If only we could help you somehow, even though this is a general forum.