Delay in broadband subscription

  • 11 December 2014
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I ordered a home broadband subscription in Skanssi,Turku on 28th december 2012 and have still not received the delivery of the modem or any further information regarding the delay.

Can u please let me know why is this delay ??


3 kommenttia

Hi Roshan13,
Can you tell the order number? With that we can check the situation.

I called the customer care today. It seems that I was supposed to pay a deposit. I made the deposit payment already. I was told that the connection will be activated after the payment. Lets see.

One another question. I have subscribed to an adsl broadband connection and will be provided with a wlan modem in a few days. Will the adapter for connecting the phone line to the modem be provide along with the modem???

I still don't have the order number. Will I be emailed the number???

Hi Roshan13,
You will get all the necessary equipment with the modem :)